Hopeful of a fruitful Parliament session: PM

Hopeful of a fruitful Parliament session: PM

Hopeful of a fruitful Parliament session: PM

Amid signs of a stormy Parliament session ahead, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday hoped the Budget Session will be fruitful and utilised for constructive debate, adding “friends” from opposition parties had shown “positive” attitude during various interactions, Hopeful of a fruitful Parliament session: PM

The Prime Minister also said opposition should severely criticise the government and highlight its shortcomings, asserting that it will strengthen democracy, as he highlighted how his government had risen above formalities to reach out to the opposition parties.

In his customary brief remarks to media on the first day of a Parliament session, Modi said “friends” from opposition parties had shown positive attitude during various interactions held with them and expected that its results will be felt by people during the session.

“The eyes of 125 crore countrymen are focused on Parliament, the rail budget and the general budget. World is also paying attention to the Budget Session due to India’s position in the global economy today. There has been discussion with parties for the last many days.

“Talks have been held by rising above formalities. One-on- one talks have also taken place. I am sure Parliament will be utilised for constructive debate and there will be intensive discussion on the country’s hope and aspirations. In our meetings, friends from opposition have shown positive attitude. In the session beginning today and in the coming days, people will feel it,” Modi said.
Goods and Service tax bill is the much awaited law which is pending since long time. Govt. are making many efforts to coordinate with the opposition party for GST bill finally now govt to push GST bill on the first day of the monsoon session of the parliament and the best efforts will be made to pass the GST bill. All other background preparation are going on to implement GST bill from 1st April 2017.
Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/hopeful-of-a-fruitful-parliament-session-pm/articleshow/51103785.cms

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