Government of Gujarat, to promote the business of Micro, Small and Medium enterprise has formed various subsidies like Interest Subsidy, Capital Subsidy, Technology acquisition subsidy, Market Development Assistance, Assistance for patent registration, SME IPO Subsidy etc. One of the important scheme we will here discuss is Subsidy for Patent Registration.

About Patent Registration

The India Patent Office (IPO) grants Patent Registration in India for Inventions. Once the Patent is registered, the Applicant gets monopoly over his/her Invention for a prescribed period of time (Normally twenty years from the Priority date/Patent filing date). Applicant gets the sole right over the invention to exclude others from making, using, selling and importing the Patent.

All about subsidy for Patent Registration

Who is eligible?

Any Individual/ Legal Entity is eligible to apply for subsidy under this scheme. Legal Entity should fall within the definition of MSME.

What is the quantum of subsidy?

75% of cost/ expenditure incurred for any no. of patent subject to maximum Rs. 25 Lakhs per applicant/enterprise for obtaining Patent registration of developed product/process during policy period.

Maximum attorney fee for national patent shall be capped at Rs. 50,000/- for domestic patents and Rs. 2,00,000/- per country for international patent within the overall cap of 75% of the cost/expenditure of patent registration within overall ceiling.

Out of the total subsidy as mentioned above, 50% of the sanctioned assistance will be disbursed after the publication /notification of the patent.

Remaining 50% assistance will be disbursed after issuance of certificate of patent by competent authority.

Applicant must have to submit Patent Registration Grant Certificate within six months from the date of issue of Patent certificate.

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Conditions to avail subsidy

  1. Only these expenses are allowed like Fees paid to patent attorney (subject to limit as mentioned above), patent service center, patent registration and equipments/ parts purchased to develop Prototype of product/process.
  2. Raw material, fabrication work and software related expenses, travel, hotel Charges etc. will not eligible for assistance
  3. Application shall have to submit application within one year from the date of publication / notification of the Patent.
  4. Cash payment of Stamp fees, Government fees and other charges up to Rs.10,000/- will be eligible for assistance.
  5. Patent filed for industrial /commercial purpose will only be eligible for assistance under this scheme.
  6. Applicant shall have to submit separate expenditure statement for each patent [National/International (country wise patent)]
  7. Attorney fees, Registration Centre Fees and Equipment cost/prototype cost up to patent grant certificate issued by Patent Office is eligible to get assistance subject to maximum Rs. 25 Lakhs (maximum attorney fee for national patent shall be capped at Rs. 50,000/- and Rs. 2,00,000/- per country for international patent) per applicant/ enterprise for obtaining Patent registration of developed product/ process during policy period.
  8. Applicant/ Enterprise shall have to claim 2 times in a year with the gap of six month.

Procedure for getting subsidy

The application is to be in made along with checklist with all relevant documents. All documents are to be submitted to Industries Commissioner, Gandhinagar.

On receipt of application will be verified and scrutinized and sanctioned by IC office.

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