In this article we have explained the all the features of GST portal which is It provides various services to the users like GST registration, GST return filing, GST refund, Payment of GST, cancellation of registration etc. GST portal provides comprehensive online services which eliminates physical visit to government offices to much extent.

Content of GST Portal (

Home page of is divided in to various services which user can avail. Also this options are available to all users even without logging in to the portal. we shall check all the available options step by step.


Service Tab on GST Portal
Services Tab on GST Portal

This tab on GST portal is further divided in to 4 parts of which 1st part is Registration. From here user can apply for any type of GST registration, GST practitioner registration, Non Resident online service provider registration etc. Through this link user can also track their registration application by entering ARN Number. If they have received any query on their registration then clarification for the same can be provided from here.

Second option available is Payments. Though this option user can make payment of GST liability without logging in to their account. Users can also track their payment status and can file grievance against payment (PMT-09). To know more about GST payment online click here.

Third option is User Services, which provides the basic services like list of holidays, Locating GST Practitioner, Cause list, To Generate user ID for unregistered person.

Fourth and Last option is Refund through which refund application can be tracked by providing ARN.


This tab consist of link to CBIC and other State/UT commercial tax websites from which Act, Rule, Amendment, Notifications, etc. relating to GST Law issued by Central and/or State Government can be accessed.


Through this tab users can download the offline utilities of various tax returns such as Tran-1, Tran-2, GSTR 3B, ITC-01, ITC-04, ARA-01, GSTR 4, GSTR 6, GSTR 7, GSTR 8, GSTR 9-9A-9C, GSTR 10, GSTR 11 etc. We can download newly introduced GST return utilities from here.

Search Tax Payer

How to search tax payer details by GST number or PAN number

Through Search by GSTIN/UIN, any one can search about all the basic details like their trade name, legal name, constitution, taxpayer type like regular or composition, their GSTIN status whether active or inactive and cancellation status of tax payer by entering their GST number.

Bonus Tip: Tax payers return filing status and up to what period GSTR 3B and GSTR 1 is filled can also be checked. Based on this details one determine whether to trade with such party who is not filing returns regularly.

If GST number is not available then by entering the PAN number user can fetch the list of GSTIN associated with same PAN by clicking on Search by PAN.

By Clicking on Search Composition Taxpayer user can search if any particular tax payer has opted or not opted composition scheme by entering their GST Number/ Trade Name.

Help Section

Under the Help tab we can the details about system requirements, user manuals, videos and FAQs. we can also get the details of Grievance Nodal Officer, Grievance Redressal Portal etc. If we face any issue on GST portal then we can use this to escalate the same.

e-Way Bill

This tab will provide the basic details of the use of e-way bill, mode of generation and content of e-way bill. It also provides redirect link to e-Way Bill portal.

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